AshMed Outreach: Dr Iain MacLeod, The Solomon Islands

AshMed is pleased to announce the success of another Outreach program. Dr Iain MacLeod and other Australian and international medical professionals recently traveled to the Solomon Islands, and approached us to support their project delivering medical intervention in this remote area. AshMed was able to donate products, which allowed the team to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and ensure that their project was able to continue as successfully as possible.

The outreach program involves a 2 week visit every 6 months to the Marovo Lagoon area in the Western province of the Solomon Islands. The program is run by the ‘Marovo Medical Foundation’ based in the USA, in conjunction with a local development NGO ‘Solutions pa Marovo’ under sanction of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health.

Up until the advent of this collaborative initiative, the population had limited access to any form of healthcare and no doctors; the program allows general medical services to be provided to approximately 1000 patients per visit. Recent developments include the building of a dedicated surgical theatre and surgical program, with the ultimate goal to have adequately trained local doctors, staff and funding to take over the project and provision of general healthcare.

The Marovo Medical Foundation aid program provides a sustainable program of high quality health of both a medical and surgical nature in a previously neglected area of the developing world. The program provides an important foundation around which safe and effective medical infrastructure can develop. “The end game is to do ourselves out of a job.” said Dr MacLeod.

AshMed is proud to support outreach programs – both within Australia and internationally – to increase standards of patient care and safety by simple, proven and effective means.

If you have an outreach program that you would like us to be aware of, or need assistance with a project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.