Affordable, disposable speculum offering award winning design and environmental sustainability.


Bridea Medical was founded in 2011 in Holland, to launch the ‘Orchid Spec’ vaginal speculum. Bridea developed the Orchid Spec with 8 Dutch hospitals based on features valued within the market: usability, ergonomics, patient comfort, sustainability and cost efficacy.

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In this market, disposable devices meet these needs. Bridea states that “Studies have shown that the running costs, risk of sterilization, and environmental impact for hospitals are considerably higher with the use of reusables. Disposables manufactured with the use of modern manufacturing technology and BIO plastics allows for the development of disposable devices which are truly ‘innovative medical devices’.”

With this in mind, Bridea has designed a speculum range that have been optimally designed for quality, ease of use and patient comfort – features that are paramount during examination.

As of 2013, more than 50% of Dutch Hospitals have started using the Orchid Spec within their facilities. The Orchid Spec was also awarded the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award in 2013.

Key features of the Orchid Spec include:

  • Inwardly folded edges – designed to give a larger radius on the outer edges, and reduces friction against vaginal tissue and supports the cervix.
  • Uniquely placed parting lines on the beak – this avoids any sharp outer edges.
  • Revolutionary locking function – allowing a single handed use.
  • Angled front edge – designed to point away from the patient, to give the physician better control.
  • High gloss, white inner surface – allowing reflection of the examination light to provide optimal viewing conditions.
  • Color coded shapes and sizes available for different patient needs.

Bridea are proud innovators of this ergonomic, patient friendly product, designed with use in mind, and are currently developing other technologies. For more information on Bridea, please click here.


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