CMA Microdialysis has released their new range of metal free probes in addition to their existing probe models. These new lines are ideal for studies that require MRI, or where metallic substances may affect testing results, and were developed after customer feedback and extensive research. Available probes (and their respective guides) ...


AshMed is pleased to announce the release of the CMA 4004 Syringe Pump. The pump is a completely new design that is superceding the original CMA 400 Syringe Pump. The CMA 4004 has a range of entirely revised features, designed to enhance microdialysis in the Pre-Clinical setting. At a glance, ...


The AshMed website now has an expanded MDialysis and CMA section, with dedicated pages for various products, as well as a selection of downloadable product notes. New sections include: The full range of MDialysis Catheters for clinical use. A listing of the MDialysis Accessories, to complete a full clinical ...


In the interest of providing the most comprehensive information possible, we have updated some of the features of our website in the past few weeks. We have retained as much existing, helpful information as possible, but added some new pages to our product categories. These pages should hopefully address some ...


CMA and MDialysis have both recently revised their product catalogues to provide the most up to date information on their ranges. We have made these documents available for download from our CMA and MDialysis page.