MDialysis & CMA Products Now Online.

The AshMed website now has an expanded MDialysis and CMA section, with dedicated pages for various products, as well as a selection of downloadable product notes.

New sections include:

  • The full range of MDialysis Catheters for clinical use.
  • A listing of the MDialysis Accessories, to complete a full clinical microdialysis set up.
  • The full range of CMA Probes for pre-clinical and research use.
  • A selection of CMA Accessories frequently used when designing studies(full range available in the CMA Catalogue).
  • Information on the ISCUSflex unit, for analysis of dialysates in both clinical and pre-clinical settings.

We hope this information will enhance the decision making and clinical experiences of both our MDialysis and CMA users. A section of further resources is still in development, and should be available in the next month.

As always, should you not find any information your require on our site, or if you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

*Photo Credit: Microdialysis Diagram, courtesy of MDialysis.