Metal Free CMA Probes and Guides Now Available

CMA Microdialysis has released their new range of metal free probes in addition to their existing probe models. These new lines are ideal for studies that require MRI, or where metallic substances may affect testing results, and were developed after customer feedback and extensive research.

Available probes (and their respective guides) include:

  • the CMA 7 probe, for small subjects
  • the CMA 11 probe, for discrete areas in the CNS
  • the CMA 12 probe, for regular use in the CNS

CMA Microdialysis is committed to ongoing development and updates of their product ranges to provide To view the range of CMA probes, please click here. New brochures and documentation reflecting the new products will be available soon.

To obtain any further information on the CMA Probes or to discuss your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.