Guiding therapy for life – a history of pre-clinical research and clinical
treatment products to measure extra-cellular chemical changes


MDialysis is the leading company setting the new standards for advanced monitoring in neurocritical care. In 2017, MDialysis offers a range of clinical microdialysis products.



MDialysis products use the minimally invasive technique of microdialysis to clinically measure chemical changes in extra cellular fluid, notifying professionals of general tissue health and/or death that precede clinical signs. This opens a window of opportunity for treatment or intervention. MDialysis continues to develop lines of catheters for use in neuro, gastro, plastics and other applications, as well as leading technology such as the ISCUS and ISCUSflex machines.

Each of the pages listed below provides full explanations of the products available in both the MDialysis ranges.

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Note: MDialysis AB was established in 2012, after splitting from its parent company, Dipylon Medical AB, both of which were branches of the original CMA Microdialysis AB. Prior to this split, CMA Microdialysis was established as a company in 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden, based on research completed at the Karolinska Institute. *Please note that products displayed on these websites may not be available in Australia.