MDialysis Accessories

Accessories for clinical microdialysis.

The MDialysis Accessory range includes everything required for a full microdialysis set up in addition to the MDialysis catheters. The items below are the basic accessories needed (and their variants) to complete a functional set up. The ISCUSflex unit is also available for bedside analysis of dialysates. For a consulation about a full microdialysis system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • MicrovialsMicrovials
    The microvials are designed to collect micro volume samples and minimise evaporation. The transfer from the patient to the Microdialysis Analyzer (600, ISCUS or ISCUSflex) takes less than one minute. 

  • Microvial rackMicrovial Rack
    The Microvials can be placed in a Microvial Rack for storage in a fridge or freezer if required for extended analysis later. The rack seals the Microvial and prevents evaporation. 

  • PerfusionPerfusion Fluid T1 and Perfusion Fluid CNS
    The MDialysis Perfusion Fluid is available in practical glass ampoules, and is sterile and isotonic. It is available in two variants – Perfusion Fluid T1 (for use in peripheral tissues) and Perfusion Fluid CNS (for use in brain tissue). 

  • TunnelatingTunnelating Needle and Forceps
    A Tunnelating Needle and Forceps can simplify catheter insertion when using the 70 series (Brain) Microdialysis Catheters. The Tunnelating Needle can also be used to introduce the catheter through the abdominal wall during gastrointestinal and transplant surgery. 

  • SplittableSplittable Introducer SI-2
    The Splittable Introducer allows easy insertion of either the ’61 Microdialysis Catheter’ or the ’63 Microdialysis Catheter’. 

  • 106 pump106 MD Pump
    A small, portable battery driven Microdialysis Pump for routine clinical use. The 106 MD Pump has a fixed flow rate of 0,3µl/min.Download Product Notes


  • 10 7 pump107 MD Pump
    A small, portable battery driven Microdialysis Pump for research use. The 107 MD Pump has an adjustable flow rate of 0.1-5µL/min.Download Product Notes


  • Pump syringe106 Pump Syringe
    Replacement syringes for the 106 and 107 Microdialysis Pumps. 

  • MP pump mkitMD Pump Kit
    The MD Pump Kit includes the pump accessories needed for single patient microdialysis monitoring in peripheral OR brain tissue. The kit includes a 106/107 syringe, a pump battery and an ampoule of T1 or CNS perfusion fluid.

*All images and literature courtesy of MDialysis.