MDialysis Catheters

Catheters for clinical microdialysis use and research.

MDialysis has created a number of catheters for implantation in various body tissues. Designed to measure chemical changes in the implantation area, they can be an invaluable tool for guiding therapy and early intervention. MDialysis also has also manufactured a range of complementing accessories, as well as the pioneering ISCUSflex unit for microdialysis. For a consulation about a full microdialysis system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • 7171 High Cut Off Microdialysis Catheter
    For sampling larger molecules in brain tissue.
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  • 70 boly70 Bolt Microdialysis Catheter
    For use in brain tissue (through an intracranial bolt).
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  • 7070 Microdialysis Catheter
    For use in brain tissue (implantation during open surgery or through a burr hole).
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  • 6666 Linear Microdialysis Catheter
    Linear catheter for use in skin, adipose and resting skeletal muscle tissue.
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  • 6363 Microdialysis Catheter
    For use in adipose tissue, resting skeletal muscle tissue and in hepatic tissue.
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  • 6262 Microdialysis Catheter
    For metabolic monitoring in the intra-peritoneal cavity following gastrointestinal surgery.
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  • 6161 Microdialysis Catheter
    For postoperative monitoring of hepatic tissue after transplantation or resection.
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  • 6060 Microdialysis Catheter
    For microdialysis in adipose tissue and resting skeletal muscle.
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*All images and literature courtesy of MDialysis.