New MDialysis video on 63 Catheter insertion

MDialysis has created a video showing the set up and insertion of a 63 Series Catheter into artifical adipose tissue. The 63 Series Catheters are designed for microdialysis of deep buried flaps, subcutaneous adipose tissue, resting skeletal muscle tissue and hepatic tissue during open surgery.

While the video itself does not recreate the sterile environment required, it is an invaluable visual resource to educate about the process and guide those who have never seen it performed. The 63 Series Catheters come with Instructions for Use detailing the insertion technique, but this video now covers all steps, including preparation of the microdialysis pump and syringe, using the puncture needle, and how to remove the Splittable Introducer in real time. The video is available to view directly, or available through the link to YouTube below.

To watch the video outside of this site on YouTube, please click here.

Information and product notes on all of the MDialysis catheters, including the 63 Catheter, can be found here.

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