AshMed is proud to be a supporter of the upcoming Neurocritical Care Symposium hosted by St George Hospital. The symposium will take place at St George Bank Auditorium in Kogarah from 8.30-4 on Monday June 6th. Thanks to the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation (SSMRF), University of NSW ...


MDialysis has created a video showing the set up and insertion of a 63 Series Catheter into artifical adipose tissue. The 63 Series Catheters are designed for microdialysis of deep buried flaps, subcutaneous adipose tissue, resting skeletal muscle tissue and hepatic tissue during open surgery. While the video itself does not ...


The AshMed website now has an expanded MDialysis and CMA section, with dedicated pages for various products, as well as a selection of downloadable product notes. New sections include: The full range of MDialysis Catheters for clinical use. A listing of the MDialysis Accessories, to complete a full clinical ...


In the interest of providing the most comprehensive information possible, we have updated some of the features of our website in the past few weeks. We have retained as much existing, helpful information as possible, but added some new pages to our product categories. These pages should hopefully address some ...


CMA and MDialysis have both recently revised their product catalogues to provide the most up to date information on their ranges. We have made these documents available for download from our CMA and MDialysis page.