AshMed supports the inaugural Neurocritical Care Symposium

AshMed is proud to be a supporter of the upcoming Neurocritical Care Symposium hosted by St George Hospital. The symposium will take place at St George Bank Auditorium in Kogarah from 8.30-4 on Monday June 6th. Thanks to the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation (SSMRF), University of NSW and a Special Ministerial Equipment Grant (Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP), the Intensive Care unit has established a pioneering ‘Thermoregulation Research Program in Brain Injury’.

On a global perspective, there are a number of diagnostic markers and tools, interventions and outcomes across the brain injury continuum. Brain injuries have a significant impact on survivors, families and care teams, with instances both of morbidity, and disability in those who survive. With techniques, treatments and research varying internationally, global information sharing is crucial for ongoing development in this field.

The Symposium has been organised to bring together international specialists to discuss common techniques for clinical management, diagnosis, intervention and future developments with Australian specialists. The Research Program has a basis grounded in these discussions, as well as recent technological innovations including brain tissue oxygenation, cerebral microdialysis and advanced imaging techniques.

The range of MDialysis catheters include a selection designed specifically for neuromonitoring. Using cerebral microdialysis, minute amounts of dialysate containing crucial information are recovered from the brain. Along with the accessories required to complete a microdialysis set up, St George Hospital also has their own ISCUS flex analyser. The ISCUS flex looks at specific chemical substrates found within dialysate and can alert clinicians to cellular distress or death up to 8 hours before clinical signs become apparent. As a result, cerebral microdialysis can form a crucial part of multimodal neuromonitoring.

For more information on the Neurocritical Care Symposium, click St George Medical Research Foundation website.